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One byte transfered

After about 6 months of (not exactly constant) work, my ObjectOriented TCP/IP stack is close to be finished. The Ethernet, ARP, IP, UDP and TCP protocols was already working since 2 months ago. The last thing to be implemented was the TCP Socket.

The first byte has already transfered over the Socket implementation. What’s next? Some more testing to be sure that we can send bigger amount of data over these sockets, the implementation of the TCPImplementation hook and finaly some polishing and performance improvements…

Why am I writing a TCP/IP stack? Let’s take it from the start, for those of you who don’t know about this TCP/IP stack. First of all, I am in the development team of JNode ( Also I have one last obligation in my school, which is my student thesis. The above two, plus some good ideas about the design of a OO TCP/IP stack, gave me the idea to write a OO TCP/IP stack writen completely in Java.

p.s: I should apologise to my fellow developers in JNode about the delays :/ and to everyone else, about my bad english :p

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