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A big 3D printer


During the last 12 months I have designed and built a big CNC milling machine and 3D printer for a customer. The maximum work area of the machine is a bit more than 1m by 1m in X and Y axis and up to 30cm in Z-axis. The Z-axis carriage can accept either a spindle for milling or an extruder for 3D printing.

It was a good opportunity to consolidate things that I learned by building my small crude CNC machines and to go a step further. Currently I am designing another version with similar design, but with smaller dimensions (roughly about 40x40x20 cm travel in X-Y-Z axis respectively). So about 60% smaller than that big one. Also planed projects are improvements in my USB CNC controller and it’s software, as well as some more tools to complement the spindle and the extruder.

Bellow you can find some pictures of during the construction and the finished product, as well as a video with the device cutting some letters on corian.

modnc image modnc image modnc image modnc image