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This page shows the upgrades/changes made on my CNC Mk1 design. Which are the following:


This aluminum profile serves both as mount plate for the step motor and the pulley on the other end, as well as the linear guide on which the v-groove bearings will be “traveling”. This design was used only on the Y-axis.

Here it is mounted on the frame. Note that the X-axis will now be on the “bridge” where the Z-axis was previously mounted.

This is the Y-axis carriage. This is where the material to be milled is mounted. So the material is traveling along the Y-axis and the spindle is traveling along the X-axis and Z-axis.

I did not follow the same design for the X-axis where the motor and pulley support was also the linear guide. This is just the step motor support here.

And this is the support of the pulley.

For the tracks for V-groove bearings I have now used these L shaped profiles, which are screwed on the horizontal square profile beams of the “bridge”

The Z-axis linear guide is now traveling along the X-axis on those tracks.

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